Special Coating Services


Pipeline Cleaning and coating

PT. Panca Utama Sejati offers several types of steel pipe coating processes. There are multiple options for coated pipe for every order. When you request a particular coated pipe, coated inside and/or coated outside, we able to do :

  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning available, a minimum ID pipe 2”.
  • Oiling Sprayed, Bituminous Asphalt, and Coal Tar Epoxy Coating (Typically applied in single or multi layers coat).
  • Multi-Coat Exterior and Interior Paint systems, Polyurethane, and Tape Wrapping also available



Underwater Coating

The  Under Water Coating represents to performed maintenance coating at port facility or jetty or other piling , where is impossible to be lifted upward from the water. This system should be use a special protection equipment, special coating material and special trained for the skilled labor with diver certified required.

The application of underwater coating consist of

  1. An abrasive blasting of the surface (Surface Preparation) up to SSPC SP-10.
  2. Coating applications – Method of coating application is by hand or without the other auxiliaries.
service-3-Underwater-Coating-1 service-3-Underwater-Coatin

    Tape Wrapping Pipe

    The application of coating and wrapping normally should be consist of the following component :

    • Primer coat (only) for corrosion protection (by normal standard blasting and painting).
    • Surface Preparation – proposed to applied wrapping system
    • Applied primer layer
    • Applied a mastic filler tape for filling voids (flange, valves etc) when necessary;  
    • Applied an anti-corrosion (inner-layer) tape for corrosion protection; and
    • Applied a protection (outer-layer) tape for mechanical protection.



    Nozzle Equipment  

    Spinner Blast and Hollow Blast (Internal Pipe Blasters)

    • Tublast can blast pipes with internal diameters 2” to 12”
    • Rotoblast can blast pipes with internal diameters with 8” to 36”


    Internal Pipe coater

    The Pipecoater are designed to coat the inside of pipes and tubes quickly and evenly without the need to rotate the item. In operation a rotating head, powered by an air motor throws paint by centrifugal force at an evenly metered flow against the surface. Pipecoater is manually pulled through the pipe at a pre-thickness and type of coating determined speed based on paint film.