Painting and Heavy Duty Coating Services

Applicable to various structural steel such us ; steel pipe, steel plate, jacket, plate form, bridge, pressure vessels, barge, living quarter, piping, ducting etc., in several onshore and offshore project.


Maintenance and Restoration Services

With strong company emphasis on always trying to serve our customers better, We also provides professional power washing and sandblasting services to maintain with removing the rusted from your asset, and applied corrosion protection to restored your assets. We are your total restoration solution.


Special Coating Services

PT. Panca Utama Sejati also provide special team for the special coating services such us; Internal pipe line cleaning and coating, Field joint coating (Canusa / Darmatt), Underwater coating, and Underground pipe wrapping (wrapping tape).


Passive Fireproofing Services

PT. Panca Utama Sejati introduced its new Passive Fireproofing Division, We can perform work of Passive Fire Proofing for type Intumescent and Type cementius for general structure of various plant and facilities.


Mechanical Project Services (MPV)

Our skilled field personnel have proven experience in engineering, construction and manufacturing of special mechanical systems for institutional and commercial construction.


Manpower Supply

With our people skilled, knowledge and trained, we are ready to supply the manpower to your project requirement.