Retubing Boiler Amurang


Project Name : Retubing Boiler (Fabrication and Installation) Amurang Project
Client : PT PLN Persero
Project Scope : To perform Redrawing, Fabrication, Installation, Refractory, Commisioning
Quantity : 4 Side Boiler
Duration : 1 Year
Location : Amurang Minahasa – North Sulawesi

Upstream Fireproofing Banyu Urip Project

EMCL Banyu Urip 1

Project Name : Upstream Fireproofing Banyu Urip Project
Client : PT. Tripatra for Exon Mobile Cepu Ltd
Project Scope : To perform Installation of Intumescent Fireproofing (PittChar XP) and Painting.
Quantity : 350 M2
Duration : 2 Months
Location : Banyu Urip Field - Bojonegoro, East Java